Ein DJ und Produzent aus Salzburg zwischen HipHop, Techno und Drum'n'Bass.

BandBreit23 über sich

DJ Bandwidth aka BandBreit23 (real name Markus Gößler) was born 1979 and raised in the city of Salzburg. Influenced by the late 80ies and 90ies he started his artist career around 1998. His first steps were producing simple computer based tracks using Reason and similar programms.

Later on in 2000 he wanted to do more with his love to music, so he started to buy turntables, a lot of vinyl, different Synthesizers, Drumcomputers and many more. According to this moment his mission to get more experience and to learn how to handle different styles started and never stopped until now.

His roots are Hip Hop, Reggea, Ragga and Dub, later on he started to play Techno, Ghetto House, drum & bass, Jungle, Tekkno and of course Funk + Tech + Breaks.

Music is always a bit experimental for him and not only one style. Therefor he took an artists name describing his activities. Whenever you get him DJing or playing live on your event, it will be a powerfull enthusiastic show and never only simple beats without a story behind.

He's always interested in connections to other musicians for networking or projects.


aus Salzburg | *2013
Markus Gößler