Eine Ein-Mann-Band aus Wien, die sich auf Lenny Kravitz, Robbie Williams, Depeche Mode und Led Zeppelin bezieht.
No easy way
Like Lenny Kravitz meets Robbie Williams with Dave Gahan looking over their shoulders and a younger Jimmy Page dj'ing in the background.

A mean bassline which takes off like a rocket, sends you spinning like a sattellite to remind you that "without the bitter babe, the sweet ain't so sweet".

BARON ZERO über sich

The day is November 26, 2008 and I'm sitting in the Taj Mahal hotel as the terror attack which would claim the lives of 164 people is about to begin. As the first gunshots explode a few meters away, I start running in the opposite direction only to find myself injured and quickly unable to walk anymore.

Hopping on one leg, I manage to find a place to hide from the shootings. As I remain there the whole night, unaware that a few floors above parts of the hotel are already in flames, I can only think of 2 things: that my 2 year old son will never have memories of his father and that no one will ever hear the songs I have kept in me for so long.

In the early morning, as I finally find my way out of the smoking building and into the light, l promise myself these steps will be the first ones towards something different.
In many ways recovering from the operation on my leg is the easiest part. This night has planted a seed inside my soul that nothing can root out, forcing me to face the dreams I let slip away long ago.

Reinvention has been a long time coming, marked by the adoption of a little Indian baby, a move back to Austria and several jobs. And weighted down by more breakdowns and relapses than I care to remember.

But the songs are finally here to be heard. Like LENNY KRAVITZ meets ROBBIE WILLIAMS, with DAVE GAHAN looking over their shoulders and a younger JIMMY PAGE dj'ing in the background ...

Full of a devil may care attitude which cannot quite conceal the fact that something is broken deep inside, the cracks and the scars which we all share.

And knowing full well that since we all have to go down someday, we might as well go down in style.


aus Wien | *1999
Le Baron



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