Ein "Ray" Remix" von diesem Reggae-Produzenten aus Wien.
Ray Remix
Bauchklang Rmx

Bassix ├╝ber sich

"Deep in my heart I'm a Jamaican", says Bassix longing for warm full moon nights on the Caribbean island ...
What he has achieved is a frequently traffic between Jamaica and Austria. No, not he is travelling that much to the island in the sun; it's the musicians from Jamaica touring to Austria's capital city Vienna with just one goal in mind: "Let's make a record together with Bassix and his riddims!"

Starting in the late 90ties as bass player in various reggae bands, he began to concentrate on his producer skills and established one of the world's best "riddim factories" ever.

Today reggae artists from all over the globe are queuing at Irievibration Records ,that Bassix joined 2006 as a Producer, in order to produce their new releases in Vienna, Austria.
Bassix is also touring with his band “Irievibrationsband”, backing Perfect, Sojah, Iriepathie,…

At Irievibrationsrecords, Bassix worked with even many international artists within the last years, like Perfect, Sojah, Luciano, Iriepathie, Morgan Heritage, Sizzla, Anthony B., Natty King, Burro Banton, Gyptian, Chezidek, Natural Black, Jah Mason, Andrew Paul, Elijah Prophet, Ward 21, Tifa,………..

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