Ein weiterer Fabrique Records Act, diesmal aus Berlin. Hier mit einem sehr schönen und ruhigen Track aus der deutschen Bundeshauptstadt.

bassman über sich

Zitat:"bassman aka johannes strobl is in high demand as a performing musician, not
only in his hometown of berlin but across europe and the usa. his dizzying
amount of solo releases has caused a stir almost as much as his electronica
duo paloma, the other half of which is hanno leichtmann (releases on city
centre offices, morr music). bassman's energetic live-performances have been
widely received and paved the way to work in radio, theatre, dance and film
as well as collaborating with various national & international artists
including rupert huber (tosca), sam auinger, isabella bordoni, scanner,
markus binder, hans platzgumer, toshi nakamura, bruce odland, rachel de boer
and many others.

bassman is always searching to create new sounds on his contra and
electro-bass, and provides refreshing musical input into a scene where
computerised manipulation of sound is nothing new. this exploration of a
live electronic instrument is bassman's unique voice and has gained him a
huge amount of deserved recognition.

after his first solo-ep 'doorpusher' which made a buzz on europe's radio
stations such as austria's radio fm4, londons radio xfm, bbc, scotland's
radio magnetic and many more, he finally released his debut-album called
'minimal distraction' on fabrique records mixing up crusty and soulful
lyrics with funky, rollin' broken-beats, tough cut breaks and twisted dub
flavoured electronica."


aus Berlin | *
Johannes Strobl

leonpurviance | vor 5636 Tagen, 18 Stunden, 53 Minuten
erzlich gerne!  
acromion | vor 7249 Tagen, 23 Minuten
doorpusher 2.0
doorpusher 2.0 in dem fall von diesem herrn? hammerlied, fetzt gewaltig! keep on creating such fabulous musique! mfg, bud  
ento | vor 7344 Tagen, 5 Stunden, 16 Minuten
tja der artist name ist offenbar programm! [das war eine art kompliment übrigens]