Zwei neue Songs des Duos gibt es ab heute im FM4 Soundpark.
Österreich ist biowobble
aufgenommen Februar 2015 in Petter Natterers Studio, Kottingbrunn

Biowobble über sich

Albin Paulus: Wobblephone (c), Yodel/ Jew's harp (simultaneously played)
Peter Natterer: E-Bass/ Beat Box (simultanesously played)

With a variety of archaic instruments, electric bass, beatbox and above all the distinctive-sounding "Wobblephone", the two musicians have created a duo with an exceptionally tight and intense sound, named 'Biowobble' after the Wobble Bass popular in Dub Step. The whole thing is seasoned with ironic lyrics and the addition of yodel virtuoso Albin Paulus's vocal acrobatics. The message is simple: fun! - even after the collapse of technology!


The wobblephone was created in 2014 by Albin Paulus. It is a hybrid wind instrument between a bellow blown bagpipe and an overtone instrument, which allows filtering harmonics by the mouth, similar to a mouthbow or a jew's harp.

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albinpaulus | 30.Jän.2015

30. Jänner 2015, Goodball. Das Werk Spittlauer Lände 12.
1090 Wien, 22 Uhr

27. Juni 2015, Molln (OÖ) tbc
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aus Wien | *2014
Albin Paulus
Peter Natterer