Diese sechsköpfige Band mit Musikern aus Österreich, Jamaika, Italien und Russland hat sich auch funky Grooves spezialisiert.


Zitat: "BLACKFINGER was invented 2002 by Austria´s Long Time GrooveMaster Hardy-Jo Haas, Pro-Bass Player and Producer for more than 2 Decades, Endorsement-Artist for the Legendary Ampeg Amplification and Fender Musical Instruments Companies and Recording Artist on countless Recordings.
After working as Sideman for 20 Years and Touring all over Europe, it was Time for Hardy-Jo to go back to his Musical Roots - Pure Funk!
All the BF-Stuff was written, recorded and produced by Hardy-Jo Haas, with some Guest-Appearances from Fellow-Musicians to keep everthing in the BLACKFINGER-Family!
With Jamaican Vocalist Patrick Vincent, the Recording-LineUp was completed for that authentic 70ies Vibe you need for the real Thing.
Because of the Fact, there were so many different Styles to play as hired Bassplayer, a lot of them are reflected in the Music of BLACKFINGER.
Funk, Rock and Electric Jazz.
By now, BLACKFINGER has finished Material for at least 3 Albums, so the next Steps will be releasing that SupaPhunkee Stuff with a competent Company and to bring that boiling Power Group on Stage!"


aus Austria/Jamaica/Italy/Russia | *2002
Hardy-Jo Haas
Patrick Vincent
Conrad Schrenk
Werner Recla
George Makazaria