BLACKFINGER Vienna/Austria

SuperFunk aus Wien von einer Band mit jahrelanger Liveerfahrung.

BLACKFINGER Vienna/Austria ├╝ber sich

BLACKFINGER WAS INVENTED BY AUSTRIA..S LONG-TIME MAESTRO DELLA GROOVE, MR. HARDY JO HAAS. AFTER MORE THAN TWO DECADES PRO-BASSPLAYIN.. FOR MORE THAN 60 BANDS AND ARTISTS ALL OVER EUROPE (Concerts with Sir Brian May, Edwin Starr, Melanie Thornton, Molly Hatchet, Soulfly, Michael Schenker, Jazzmatazz, Blind Petition, Hansi Lang to name a few and Film Scores with Franco Nero, Peter Patzak etc.) AND REFINING HIS MULTI-INSTRUMENTAL, RECORDING- AND PRODUCING-SKILLS IN THOSE YEARS, IT WAS TIME TO DO THE REAL THING. USUALLY, BACK IN THE DAYS, THE GROOVE HAD NOT REALLY TOP PRIORITY IN EUROPEAN MUSIC AT ALL, OPPOSED TO BLACKFINGER..S MORE THAN CONVINCING ATTITUDE - "LET THERE BE GROOVE!". EVERYTHING STARTED IN HARDY JO..s ELECTRIC ISLAND RECORDING STUDIO, THE PLACE WHERE GROOVERS MEET AND ALL THESE SPICY TRACKS ARE RECORDED! THE AMAZING RESULT IS - BLACKFINGER! AT THIS TIME, THE "GROOVIN.. IS MY BUSINESS" - RECORD WILL BE FINISHED. SOME NEW BOOTY-SHAKIN.. TRAX ARE RERECORDED BY NOW! BLACKFINGER PRESENTS AN EXTREMELY UNIQUE MIXTURE OF GROOVY STYLES TYPICALLY BUILT ON THAT PHAT..N.. FUNKY FOUNDATION OF HARDY JO..S BASS TRACKS. Whether rockin..a smoky Roadhouse, essential Jazz Hideout or the Glow of Arena Superstardom... THESE PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO SHAKE THE HOUSE - FOR REAL! FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, BLACKFINGER ALWAYS IS A PLATFORM FOR EXTRAORDINARY MUSICIANS. TASTE IT!!! THE ALBUM The BLACKFINGER - Recordings are done by Hardy Jo Haas at Electric Island Recording in the legendary european music-metropolis of Vienna - Austria! Of Course Mr. BLACKFINGER plays THE Fender Bass on the entire album as well as on the Road! And for all those fetish people: A limited edition vinyl BLACKFINGER album in a supaphunkee cover will be available too! Damnnnnnn it..s Too Sexy!!! THE ARTISTS These selected artists joined the BLACKFINGER space station and did all those great performances on the forthcoming album: Hardy Jo Haas - the Blackfinger himself, Electric Bass, and all other Instruments as well as Composing, Programming, Arranging and Producing, Etuonu Uboh - Vocals, Manfred Hausleitner - Drums, Conrad Schrenk - Electric Guitar, David Strohmeier - Electric Guitar, Stephen Housden - Electric Guitar, Werner Recla - Trumpet, Oyenma a.k.a. Golden - MC, Mickey Kirisch, Katy Gabler, Chilly Gencer, Bella Wagner - Backing Vocals ...and a lot more phunky VIP's! GOOD GOD! AFTER YEARS OF PHUNKEE RESEARCH - THE BLACKFINGER-CRUISER IS ROLLIN.. OUT NOW!!!

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blackfinger | 18.Mai.2009
BLACKFINGER is rollin´ out now!!!


aus Vienna | *2003
Hardy Jo Haas - Electric Bass/Music Designer
Etuonu Uboh - Vocals
Manfred Hausleitner - Drums
Reza Sarkari - Keyboards
Oyenma a.k.a Golden - MC