Ein in Linz lebender britischer Sänger, der 2020 sein Debütalbum veröffentlicht hat.
You Don't Know
Taken from the album "Wind In My Sails", released in March 2020.

Boatboy über sich

Boatboy is a British singer-songwriter based in Linz. His debut EP "Dreams" was released in 2018, a collection of 7 songs that are as poignant and forlorn as they are humorous and feisty.

Boatboy has since expanded to become a small acoustic rock band, making some of loudest quiet music out there. Their first full length album "Wind In My Sails" was released in March 2020.

Neueste Nachricht von Boatboy:

boatboy | 17.Mär.2020
Brand new album is coming out on 21st March!


aus Linz | *2018
Oliver - Vocals and Guitar
Daniel - Guitar
Georg - Percussion


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