Diese fünf Musiker aus Wien definieren ihre Musik selbst als "Evil Pop".
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Zitat: "Founded in 2003, this band exploded on the scene in March 03 in Vienna. In short period of time, Brandysh had half a dozen gigs organized around Vienna including 2xAERA, Hochstrahlbrunnen (open air), Donauinselfest (open air) and Twin Horn MC festival in Pula, Croatia (open air) where they opened the festival on day 2 before an audience of 4,000-5,000 heavily drunk but satisfied motorcycle freaks... (August 2003).
In July 2004, the band performed in the final round of the world´s biggest band-contest Emergenza at Arena, Wien before an audience of 2000. In September 2004, Brandysh won the 1st Jury place and 2nd overall at the Soundrevolution 2004 in Brunn. The Band has also “headlined” the official A1-Mobilkom Xmas Party @ Mautner's in Vienna (attendance:600)
The band is also featured on the latest Band:Union IV sampler with two songs.

Brandysh define their music as EVIL POP with bunch of bad-ass, melodic pop melodic elements, combined with heavy drum and bass rhythms and surprising breaks supported by sizzling keyboard sounds.
Attending a Brandysh live performance means definitely one thing: surprizes, as this band is not afraid to break some ground rules in order to upstage any expectation you might have had of it prior to their live gig.: inconvenient cover songs, sexually orientated stunts, communication with the audience—you name it."


aus Vienna | *2003
Jersey Filippi (vox) Mark F. Rampa (guit) Mikki Juggy (keys) Sher-A-Bone (bass) the Kiddo (dr)

brandysh | vor 6902 Tagen, 8 Stunden, 55 Minuten
June 16 (Thursday)
8 P.M.
U-Bahnboegen 29-31
1080 Wien
€6 (through the Band)

with Sympathy for the Strawberry  
piwi2703 | vor 6923 Tagen, 20 Stunden, 57 Minuten
nicht so toll, aber Geschmäcker sind verschiden!