Brian Brain - club audioprovocateur

Ein Musiker aus Wien mit weitem Horizont - und vielen Gästen!
Petrowna 4:20 min
Album: Brian Brain - club audioprovocateur: The Weapon is Music
Herbert Könighofer (vocals, guitar, keys), Peter Kronreif (drums), Courtney Jones (percussion), Arno Briggman (bass)

Former adventure cruise ship Lyubov Orlova made it in the news as „cannibal-rat-infested ghost ship drifting towards Europe“ in 2013. Named after Russian Film star Lyubov Petrowna Orlova, both the ship and the once famous name-lending actress faced a similar destiny: once beloved and celebrated, they turned into something nobody really knew what to do with. Brian Brain – club audioprovocateur's song Petrowna pays tribute to those, who find themselves adrift, having dropped out of the scheme as the beloved and desired and remaining lost on the seven seas of love.

Brian Brain - club audioprovocateur über sich

Herbert Könighofer aka Brian Brain covers a vast musical range – from Jazz Rock to Sleaze Pop, experimental sound-collages to Zappa-style Blues- & Rock pieces and fragile piano moments… There’s not only a myriad of styles – also the instrumentation varies in a frantic, often surprising way. Performing his originals, Könighofer switches from contrabass clarinet to tenor-, alto- or soprano sax, bass, or piano. He transcends stylistic gaps and reunites various elements to a cohesive whole. Live-Loops interact with video-installations and the audience. Maybe.

Audioprovocateurs on the debut album - that is about to drop in fall 2015 - are Peter Kronreif (drums), Arno Briggman (guit., bass), Courtney Jones (steel-pan), Marc Oesterer (trumpet), Chris Kronreif (baritone sax), Gernot Haslauer (trombone), Klaus Kircher (bass) and Ali Hilzensauer (6 string bass).


aus Wien | *2015
Herbert Könighofer
Peter Kronreif
Arno Briggman


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