Eine Wiener One-Man-Band, die ihre Debüt-LP "poetic terrorism" getauft hat.
poetic terrorism

cardiochaos über sich

Zitat: "Once upon a time, Andy Warhol to Lou Reed: 'Why don't you write five songs a day?' -Lou: 'Don't you think one is good enough already...?' - Andy '...not when you could write 15.'

Question: Why do people like Godard or Fassbinder make four to five movies a year?
Answer: Obsession gives birth to identity, says Maya Deren.

I kicked myself out of this band so many times already that I don't know anymore who of the persons I am I would still employ. Finally, two facets remain. They are doing an acceptable job – for the moment. Once I find a better one, I guess there's nothing left for me than kicking myself out of the band...again.

Borderline Bacchanalia
cardiochaos' debut LP "poetic terrorism" is the final completion after long lasting mishaps and mayhem with other bands, which cost me my teeth amongst other things, while my friends just cared about their girls. (Where are you now?!)
Role models vanish once you have relativized yourself and you see how small you actually are. „Always stick to the choreography, ballerina.“
Think Syd Barret after he went mad and left Pink Floyd.
I am my worst enemy. When I was six I cut the sinews in my right hand – I've been battling myself ever since. Not that I ever tried to become that genius guitarist everybody talks about- that was never interesting. Much more important was the focus shift the accident brought about. When I record a song I often don't know which parts I will use of it, or what I will find through it. I surprise myself with associative chant, like toying with chance in abstract paintings. I despise molding sense into the „lyrics“ afterwards. The audience is never the red rag, but I cannot expect that they are my friends, so I need to stay true to myself in order not to abandon them – I guess that's what „proper“ lyrics are for. I try to combine noise with melodies and vocal collages. I sometimes need to write the kitschiest songs to calm myself down. At least that's what I think. In the end they always turn out to be less pop than I feared and I can eventually accept them with all my being, and subsequently things have come full circle. Being cardiochaos is the most immediate of forms to express myself with. That, or striking an e-minor chord on a balcony while the wave of a just-exploded atom bomb is approaching to take me home."

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cardiochaos | 29.Jul.2010
let's abduct someone to make them happy!


aus London/Vienna | *2010

popsch | vor 4992 Tagen, 21 Stunden, 47 Minuten
super Lied!  
transhuman | vor 4998 Tagen, 21 Stunden, 24 Minuten
a little noise
Find den Song sehr gelungen....mag deine Art zu singen. Freu mich auf mehr von cardiochaos!