Cheshire Cat & Medicine

Vier 19-21-jährige Österreicher mehr oder weniger aus Wien und Umgebung, die alle unter dem selben Schicksal leiden...
Land of Glory

Cheshire Cat & Medicine über sich

Zitat: "mit 2 neuen songs!
Awe-struck after watching a band called the Traintrippers, now Cheshire Cat & Medicine, perform in Vienna in early 2007, David Bowie is reported to have recognised the quartet as a unit of instant stars. - „Just add water and stir!“
Titled “the hippest band in town”, their career went from strength to strength following their formation in the fall of 2006, attracting a steeply growing crowd of mad teenagers and intense media attention.
Without fail, the rock’n roll lifestyle soon took its toll and the tabloid press’ exploitation of the members’ orgiastic partying and drug abuse ultimately led to expulsion from their label and a rapid decline of their meteoric rise and notorious fifteen minutes of fame
Although the public eye never returned its gaze upon the boys again, they managed to clean up their act and return to what has doubtlessly always been their determination: The creation of sweet, sweet music.
During recent years, they have left behind their teenage-heartthrob image and evolved into serious, committed artists, incorporating elements of jazz, folk psychedelia and vaudeville into their highly distinguishable and critically acclaimed style.
Their rare life performances today emphasize on visual experience and a much refined, intellectual crowd swears by the often-delirious renditions of their stage alter-egi.
For their roots may easily be traced back to pioneering work of the likes of the Velvet Underground, the Dylanesque and general nineteen-sixties psychedelia, Cheshire Cat & Medicine have been dubbed a retro group, when truly they are elaborating on the definition of an entirely new wave shaped by philosophical thought, Brechtian stage performance, a penchant for the grotesque and postmodern spirit.
Cheshire Cat & Medicine are the love child and future of central European avant-garde. And while the broad public may not know, they are still very much the hippest band in town. "


aus Niederösterreich/ Wien | *2006
Paulie "the Pimp" Mockinbird (vocals/guitar/piano) Muddy Wolfson Junior (guitar/vocals) Mojo Pickens Clementine (bass/vocals) Slim Phillie Mirkman (drums)



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TTT live
22.April 09 live at shelter
mit Hallelujah und Dem Nino aus Wien  
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europeanson | vor 5610 Tagen, 19 Stunden, 48 Minuten
The TrainTrippers Live at Waldklang

Waldbad Anif, Salzburg  
mike1234 | vor 5615 Tagen, 15 Stunden, 41 Minuten
cooler Sound, probierts mal eure Lieder auf altwienerisch zu singen! :-)  
eulenmann | vor 5618 Tagen, 8 Stunden, 40 Minuten
charming lo-fi. gfallt ma guat. aber ich glaub, auf oesterreichisch wuerd's mich richtig beeindrucken.