Ein Drum'n'Bass Produzent & DJ aus Celje in Slowenien präsentiert hier jetzt den Remix eines Fink-Songs.
Fink - Looking Too Closely (ChiloMagos remix)
my d&b remix of insane FINK's song.

ChiloMagos über sich

ChiloMagos (former Chili) - Kristijan Puckmeister is the founder of Sinkronics. He started his career in music school where he learned to play accordion and drums. Afterwards he played guitar in several bands until he settled in electro/pop/rock group Express metro where he supplied electronic background for their songs. They recorded three that can still be heard on Slovene radio stations. At the end of the past decade he started to concentrate on solo production which displays his musical extent that varies from house and breakbeat to trip-hop and drum'n'bass which he started to play from vinyls in 1999. With studio assistance from Mario Sevcnikar (the now deceased member of well known Slovene techno duo Dope Control) he two years later recorded a track called Question, a satirical mixture of breaks and d'n'b, heavily marked by samples from Bugs Bunny cartoons. At the moment he is getting ready for the making of the video for his current track Le v trenutku - the first Slovene drum'n'bass production that surpassed the boundaries of this underground genre and was even played on the most popular national radio station. Whether it is an organization of club nights and open-air parties - Chili hosted world renowned MCs, such as the top drum'n'bass singer, Australian lady Tali (Full cycle rec.) as well as UK's LowQui (Metalheadz) and Jakes (E-Z Rollers / Moving Shadow) - or just plain DJ gigs, he entertained "junglists" throughout his home country. The fast paced (and sometimes vocal) techstep and rolling hardstep enriched by strong bass lines are his favorite drum'n'bass styles, while he also spins jazzy and funky liquid, occasionally improvises with breaks and plays even disco.

He was also a member of legendary slovenian group Stroj machine, where he plays an organ masterpiece (made by Jurij Šuhel). He also cooperates with Studiu Peer.


aus Celje (Slowenia) | *1999


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