Chloe Le Fay

Eine Sängerin aus London, die in Linz gelandet ist und jetzt auf der Suche nach musikalischen KollaborateurInnen ist.
Summertime (some of the time)
it was another cold grey rainy July evening when it was too cold to sit outside and drink beer and watch lightening bugs. The only thing to do was stay in and make sounds instead.
Left alone on the microphone with the track on loop for 20 minutes whilst the producr DoktaGC was on the phone having girl trouble-this is one continous improvised track about the fustrations of 'yet another summer passing by'.
Next day the sun came out!!.

Chloe Le Fay über sich

Zitat: "Can I bring London to you and save you the trip?!! I am a singer, writer and confident performer with much experience of touring and almost 8 albums worth of mixed recordings. I have already being working on relaxed collaborations with ‘Fluchtversuch’ and on the FM4Sing project for Klein Records.
I was originally only meant to be here for a year to take a well-earned break from the music industry and to try and be a farm girl! If you know me you would know what a ridiculous idea that is and as the music wont leave me alone I am looking at working again.

I find the music scene here in Austria really refreshing and innovative with none of the arrogance of London, which bored me to tears. Believe it or not Austria is a really inspirational place and has got me buzzing.
I am looking for serious collaborations; guest vocals; co-writes; live bands who need female backing or guest vocals- something that would benefit from a native English speaker for example although I can speak (very bad) German and have recorded in German. I would prefer something that is already established as I am not really up for crawling around at the bottom of the game-. But I am interested in anything that doesn’t waste my time and is on the borders of alternative, fun, original, cool...

My voice is not technical (by choice) but very versatile; rock, punk, blues, jazz and sometimes a little creepy!! I also have an album of unreleased, lo-fi quirky summer sounding songs that are screaming to have the vocals lifted off or to be remixed etc. I am looking for professional representation for any of the projects I have or will be working on."


aus Linz | *´96


Chloe Le Fay empfiehlt:

1alpha | vor 5576 Tagen, 13 Stunden, 5 Minuten
spät aber doch
Ich liebe deine? stimme!!!  
misslefay | vor 6937 Tagen, 5 Stunden, 20 Minuten
sorry taken me so long to comment, was in the big smog that is London. thanx for the comments.. its nice to have such instant praises and crticisms-both valuable, I look forward to hearing more...I have a lot more to come...soon, with Audio Medical Device. I always consider other cool projects..keeps me outta school!  
lostlomo | vor 6987 Tagen, 4 Stunden, 54 Minuten
I like your voice, it´s really sexy, crazy!
the song´s also very nice, makes me smile! (only the mastering is bad)waoarscheinlich goarnet gmastat?
are you interested in an acousticguitar brazil project with some friends of mine who live in linz?
please CONTACT

nice sunny greetz from the border of linz  
misslefay | vor 6924 Tagen, 23 Stunden, 4 Minuten
hey lostlomo dood, yes I am interested in some acousticguitar brazil project in Linz no matter how crazy it sounds!! sorry for delay in getting back to you but I was stuck up a tree!...let me know..  
idioteque | vor 6988 Tagen, 3 Stunden, 41 Minuten
still contact with anyone musican from linz? i like your sound