Clara Moto

Auf ihrem ersten Album "Polyamour" mengt diese aus Graz stammende DJ/Produzentin ihren minimalen House-Grooves ein bisschen Pop bei.
Deer & Fox (ft. Mimu)

Clara Moto ├╝ber sich

Zitat: "Autumn 2006. Melbourne. Clara was selected to attend the Red Bull Academy, a platform for up-and-coming talents, invited over the course of a few weeks to perfect their studio technique and meet professionals. Also part of the talent pool that year were Flying Lotus and Douglas Greed. The Academy organises tours for its best students, who get to perform at major European festivals on a dedicated stage. Which takes us back to where our story began: Geneva Airport. The Montreux Jazz Festival.

Chance encounter in Terminal 3. An enthusiastic young French Dj tells her all about the label he has just set up together with a few friends, his first protégés Francesco Tristano and Danton Eeprom and his desire to develop and nurture young talent. Agoria is his name, and InFiné the label.

Fast forward to Autumn 2007. InFiné releases Clara Moto’s 'Glove Affair', a firm-handed, delicious minimal house cut. One year later, and it’s with the release of “Silently”, a light and fluffy tune featuring a killer chorus that Clara, with the help of Mimu on vocals, reveals a strong penchant for pop.

As 2010 dawns and her first album is released, Clara provides ample proof of her allegiance to electronic music. Her affection for the genre comes in many forms, each imbued with her unique brand of femininity, and she embraces it in all its diversity and spontaneity. Clara takes life snapshots, fragments of emotions and her daily – and nightly – perceptions and turns them into sounds. So it is quite appropriate that the opening track should be named after a character in The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon. Clara Moto is polyamorous: the full-on intensity of simple little love stories moves her more than relational exclusivity agreements of epic proportions."


aus Graz | *2005
Clara Moto

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