Ein MC aus Afrika präsentiert hier seinen "Party Starter".
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Zitat: "Yeah! My name is Cola-Man. I come from the land of Talents Africa. I started music since my creation cos music has being in my family, my Father was a full time Entertainer, he was dj, a band owner and had a Cinema called West African Cinema. And my Mother was a songwriter and composer, she wrote songs for the choir in our local church back in the days.

As you can see that music has been in my blood and it runs through my veins. If you doubt it just check out my tracks!!! I've been working underground for a longtime getting all my works together. Right now i'm looking foward to work with any label, organisation or anyone who is serious and straight in entertainment world. To my fans i say! RASCLAR!!!! and pls don´t forget to drop your comments after listening to my songs. Have fun!!!!!"

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colaman | 23.Nov.2005
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aus Africa | *1993

mamamaria | vor 6428 Tagen, 7 Stunden, 36 Minuten
Hi there,

Du bist ein guter Rapper, ich habe da ein Video von Dir gesehen, im Internet. Can u feel the music down on the floor. - Aber melodisch gesehen ( ich rede jetzt nicht von Gesang ) gibt es da einen Sänger der mit Dir gesungen hat, - Elvis - der macht seine Sache recht gut. Er singt mit Gefühl und kommt melodisch gut rüber. Der Bursche dürfte wohl noch sehr jung sein !?? Könnte man fördern...
Gibt es mehr Projekte mit Dir und Elvis ??
Best Regards / L.  
phlame | vor 6842 Tagen, 7 Stunden, 21 Minuten
some good vocal parts , music could be more professional , :) - if i would need some ragga vocals , could i contact you ?

cheers , Oliver  
colaman | vor 6631 Tagen, 3 Stunden, 17 Minuten
Thanks Man!
You can contact me if ur serious and ready! so jah bless!!