Ein Produzent aus Wien, der sich im Brotberuf biologischen Phänomenen widmet, und seine elektronischen Tracks.

Conor über sich

Good Day, Good Night.

My name is Conor and, as a scientist, I dedicate my life to deciphering biological phenomena. Although science and art seem quite divergent in definition, I think that the way of thinking and approaching problems is, frankly, fairly similar.
The only difference being boundaries.

In the static environment of rationality and rules, which lays upon the art of science, there is faintly space to express oneself. To compensate I turn to music, in which I am able to absorb my loneliest moments and contemplate about worldly pleasures that lay on my mind, both of misery as of joy.

Therefore, my creations are pure and honest, without intent for fame and fortune. I just would like to make a difference.

Approach life and death as you do birth. Without prejudice.


aus Wien | *2018