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contravibe ├╝ber sich

Contravibe – a Sound and Visuals producing project based on an Open-Source concept
or the history of ants founding states…
The project "Contravibe" was kicked off by Sun in 1995 with the idea to combine
Breakbeat with elements from other genres and therefore break with musical
dogmas. With various live appearances Contravibe has proven at a time like today,
that inputs from Hip Hop, House, Techno, Funk and Jazz, do not have to dilute the
character of a DnB, but enhance it into something more many-faceted and
astonishing for an audience. Of essential importance for the project was the
decision to bundle up the creative energies of a couple of diverse people to develop
completely new ideas and moves. In 1998 Sun found vocal support for his
productions in MC Massive le Gaza from Berlin, and by now Neo and Gor complete
the base of Contravibe with their artistic potential.
While Gor widens the musical spectrum of the productions and live-performances
through its straight, entraining Beats, Neo underlines the statements of the project
on a more visual plain. Numerous of their flyers, covers and not at least VJ-sets
gave Contravibe the face with which it presents itself today. Primarily, it’s about
breaking boundaries by action – leading edge and progressive. But in the mean
time Contravibe moves in new spheres. The project stands no longer only for
mature sound productions and easily remembered graphics, but rather for a
revolutionary type of the party-entertainment. The vision of the lads is an actual
symbiosis out of the visible and the audible. At the same time each of them has
formed its characteristic presentation, like how to throw a party:
It must rock – and with a vengeance. The audience should rage, at least. Gor, who
also co-operates with Minus Pole, represents the classic approach and that with
character, one notices yet that its productions are conveying experiences and
moods, an authentic expression of himself. Not narcissistic, but based on feedback.
If it doesn’t burn, something’s fowl – an attitude that registers for the act increasing
enthusiasm by the crowd.
Sun has a tendency for the cineastic, he sets its tracks together scene by scene
until a plot, a story emerges. Detail enamoured and full of impressions is his music,
it should go deep and sure it does! He manages to create space and atmosphere
with its productions and very incidentally it sounds fat, round and like never heard
before. The departure into new spheres reaches perfection through Neo’s
conversion of sounds into 3D animation and graphics. He transforms those
associations into futuristic live-VJ-Sets, complementing the Sound-Performance.
The purpose is an optical rhythm, to render the music visible and to mediate a
disposition through denial of the mundane, rather lets abstraction lead to
interpretation. Although each artist plays a well-defined part in Contravibe, they
supplement each other in their variety of experiences and personal preferences to
a constructive entity. Possibly because these differences and possibly due to the
fact that everyone puts a large quantity of heart blood into this project, Contravibe is
seen as an absolute enrichment of the Drum & Bass and BreakBeat scene not only in Thuringia. "


aus germany | *1995
gor - sun - neo - mc massiw le gahza bhc crew

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autofilter | vor 6284 Tagen, 10 Stunden, 42 Minuten
how innovative  
viennasound | vor 6284 Tagen, 17 Stunden, 58 Minuten
Very strange
The project Contravibe aus Germany is a really Spaßprojekt. Because the text in the Austria Radio is naturally in english, because this is stülping over the mäntelchen of Internationality. Wow, this is very impressing. So impressing that You need not a sound to present, vielleicht is this then only a bitter Enttäuschung. Very strange also the homepage, where I feel myself groundly assed (gründlich verarscht), because I idiot have expected music, but I only saw wallpapers to download. The big question "Surprised that You haven't found something" speaks for itself. Verzeih me, my english tears you not from the chair (reißt dich nicht vom Sessel), but I want also give my mustard to it.
Greetings from Vienna
maxofprey | vor 6283 Tagen, 12 Stunden, 17 Minuten
you have the nail on the head hit.  
potis | vor 6286 Tagen, 10 Stunden, 42 Minuten
presseinfo is a bissi kurz und gibts einen track auch irgendwo?