Fünf Musiker aus Wien verbinden harte Musik mit melodischen Passagen.
Corvin_Let it out (unmastered)
Ein Song (noch nicht gemastert) aus unserer im Frühjahr erscheinenden EP

CORVIN über sich

Zitat: "The intention of founding Corvin goes back to the end of 2005. Back then there was not much but the idea of making heavy music mixed up with melodic passages. Thomas (guitars, backing vocals) and Stefan (bass), both ex-members of an underground band named Rebelscope teamed up with Andy (guitars) who had just recently left Kontrust (formerly known as Suicide Mission) due to musical differences.

Daniel (vocals, guitars) also was out on the hunt for a new gang after leaving his first band Soundbarrier and having moved to Vienna. Before finally joining the yet unnamed combo, he’d take his time on choosing a band to perfectly fit in. Stefan contacted Daniel over an announcement on the internet. It clicked right at the first rehearsal. Daniel quickly decided that Corvin was the best choice he could possibly make and so it seemed that the band would finally be complete. Wrong. Martin left the band just a week after Daniel entered it, so the search for a new drummer was on.

Daniel was the one taking initiative since the rest of the band was rather crushed by being struck again by misery, but after just one month they’d all find themselves jamming with their perfect match on the drum seat: Matthias. He used to do Hip Hop with an Austrian Rap Combo named Standardmanöver, but found his heart beating for metal music. Matthias also had finished the SAE, a sound engineering - school, so the band did not just win a great drummer, but also a professional soundtechnician. With Matthias joining the group the chemistry was even better than before - the band finally was complete.

Although the members originally all come from different parts of Austria, Vienna definitely is the hometown of Corvin.

Before thinking about recording or performing on stage, songs had to be written. Thomas and Daniel turned out to be the main composers of the band, not saying that Stefan, Andy and Matthias wouldn’t also get their piece of the pie. The sound of the band can roughly be described as modern metal with alternative elements and melodic passages/choruses. Heavy Riffs, melodic backing leads, powerful basses, murderous beats, screaming, growling, rapping, clean vocals, ... - they've got it all! The drop b tuning was there right from the beginning and turned out to be just right for Daniels voice since he is a natural bass/baritone singer.

He's also responsible for the bands lyrics. Concerning that everybody agreed that there were no limits regarding the topics. No matter if it is love, hate, joy, pain, war, media, religion, stereotyping, the past, the presence, the future, social problems, personal problems or whatever, nothing is out of bounds for Corvin.

The band had to go through a lot of struggles until their first public appearance: personal problems of the various members, their actual jobs exhausting the musicians and sometimes leaving little time for rehearsing, Matthias having a car accident after which he was not able to play the drums for about a month, and on and on… Anyway - the band got through all that.

After about a year of writing, rehearsing, struggling and finding a very own style the moment they all were waiting for finally had come: On February 23rd of the year 2007 Corvin had their first concert. The venue was a metal club in Vienna named Escape.

The band also quickly decided to participate in the Ostrocktrophy, the biggest band-battle in the East of Austria. This year over 60 parties had applied to the contest. That just gave a bigger surprise to everyone when Corvin won the trophy on June 2nd of the year 2007 - at their very fifth concert ever!

Among the prices for the band there were appearances on the radio and on TV - two very important steps on the way to success for each band! It's looking good for Corvin and the guys will do everything to take their chances for a bright future...

Be part of the vision!"


aus Wien | *2007
Daniel - Vocals
Andy - Guitar
Tom - Guitar/Backvocals
Matthias - Drums
Stefan - Bass

Daniel Scheibl
Garnisonsgasse 24/14
1090 Wien
0043 (0)676 6277990