Ein HipHop- und Dance-Produzent aus Wien.
I produce music for 7 years now and released my ep on the 20th of January. I want to share with you my favourite track of the ep.
Lay back, close your eyes and sink into the sound of the universe!
Lunacy can be beautiful

Cozmoz über sich

I was born and raised in Vienna - Austria.
The inspiration to become an artist came partly from my father. He was a successful stage designer and a great artist. One of the most important things he taught me was to be creative and express myself in different ways. Realizing how beautiful and powerful it was to channel the core of yourself and create something new, made me try out photography, painting, sketching and other things.

The artistic scene had me in his crawls at a young age and therefore I attended a graphic and media design school in Vienna. There I mastered the basics and slowly started to participate at electronic events in Vienna. Those experiences opened my eyes and made me realize that I want to play my own music and hypnotize the crowds with it.

My diploma project and first ep named ‘Andygeez’ was released 2013. At this point I have to thank my project partner Tom Silver who is a resident DJ in Vienna at many highlight dance clubs.

He was brilliant in his subject: make people move and the tricks in creating that kind of music he passed on to me.

Months later when I met a successful hip-hop music producer and beat maker. His understanding of music and all the little things that count so much inspired me and I became ‘Mirakulix’ - the wizard of sounds.

All that knowledge and creativity can be quite a burden. I loved all of it and couldn’t find myself in a single genre. Therefore I locked myself in my home studio, started to experiment, participate in various contests, music became the air I breathe, the colors I see and the language I speak.

Welcome to the new me and sink into the sound of the universe.

Feel free to contact me if you have any feedback to share or questions to ask.


aus Wien | *2017
Andreas Hnat



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