Crikey Cooperative Music

Im englischen Cornwall gegründet, ist die Hälfte dieser Band mittlerweile nach Österreich gezogen.
'Anyway' was written by Mickey McNeill for a friend who had lost her Mother and created during a time of personal turmoil. A dark and reflective song.

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Zitat: "Crikey Cooperative Music Sessions was originally formed out of some session recording for Manhattan and Turning World Studios, Truro, Cornwall, UK. Later members gigged locally under the band titles Wise Perimeter, Wise and Croi. Produced a couple of independent EPs in the early 90s, 'Born' and 'Price On Application' with half the outfit having subsequently relocated to Central Europe to the lovely city of Wien."


aus online | *1992
Mickey McNeill
Mark Mitchell
Ivan Wellington
Peter Harkin
Joe Hedge


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