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2014 - Foglands EP

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Being inspired by wide variety of early 90ties hip hop and growing up listening to GangStarr, Wu-Tang, Busta Rhymes, Beastie Boys combined with the influence of Aphex Twin and Autechre an exiting mixture of musical styles built up in his head. Born in Lower Austria, Cuticula picked up the keyboard aged 12 and switched to guitar with 14. Playing in different bands shaped the musical knowledge and feeling of creating music with various people. Later on the electronic music popped up and the love for synths and computerized beats started growing. With his brother he worked the hardware under the moniker METAXIS and played a few live shows. Another project was titled IRON SKILLS trying to form a 3 piece computer band for live techno/electonica action. After stumbling into all kinds of genres Cuticula tries to stay in his trappy hip-hopish instrumental pop field (at least for a while)

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werbeflo | 16.Okt.2014
Foglands EP is draußen, und Video für den ersten Track Foglands gibts auch:
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cuticula | vor 4665 Tagen, 15 Stunden, 37 Minuten
Hip Hop Remix (der noch fehlt)
cuticula | vor 4666 Tagen, 8 Stunden, 43 Minuten
Elektro Remix nochmal, dafür gscheit abgemixt und in 320 kbps
marcelloclitorini1 | vor 4666 Tagen, 10 Stunden, 55 Minuten
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