Dark Matter Thieves

Ein Synth Wave-Duo aus Linz auf einem Nostalgie-Trip in die 80er Jahre.

Dark Matter Thieves ├╝ber sich

Dark Matter Thieves is a synth wave duo based in equal parts in Linz and Salzburg. Here, sugar-sweet 80s sounds and the look and feel of an old arcade game room merge into a journey through space and time. Influenced by artists such as FM-84, The Midnight and A.L.I.S.O.N, Richard elicits warm bass lines and melodies that sound like 8-bit space experience from his synthesizer. Carried by the soft and soothing singing voice of Daniel a comforting nostalgia trip unfolds and it leads you straight into adventure.


aus Linz | *2019
Daniel Lang
Richard Olear



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