David de la Mancha

Dieser Oberösterreicher wurde nach eigenen Angaben schon mit Drumsticks in der Hand geboren. Heute studiert er Musik und spielt in diversen Bands, produziert aber nebenbei auch Solo-Tracks.
Present Tomorrow
Music, Production by David Wöhrer
Male speech samples, lyrics by jaco f.
Dedicated to the victims of police brutality linz, 1. Mai.2009

David de la Mancha über sich

Zitat: "He was born with drumsticks in the upper part of upper austria in the year when Céline Dion won the Eurovision song Contest. He got his first mickeymouseclub drumset at the age of 3. Before he was banging his mothers pots in the kitchen.Fist gigs with his grandpa and the "Rachinger Gstanzlmusi". First Lessons with the age of 7. Trying to learn the language music. Sessions with native speakers.... Since 2007 studying Music at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität with Jeff Bourdreux, Stephan Maass, Herb Pirker, Christian Lettner Always searching for new and different ways to make people move as a drummer and producer. Actually touring with Ziehgäuner, Taya, Maass Attacks....."


aus Rohrbach | *1988
David Wöhrer