Dead by Mistake

Eine Gitarrenband aus Kroatien hat ihren Weg in den FM4 Soundpark gefunden. Goran, Sasa, Nino, Emil und Ivan aus Zagreb porduzieren alles in ihrem eigenen Studio namens REDLIGHT STUDIOS.
We ll meet in a fable of our past lives

Dead by Mistake über sich


Goran – vocals and heartthrob lyrics
Saša – vocals and guitar
Nino – guitar and vocals
Emil – drums
Ivan – bass and vocals


With relentless ambition, on stage energy, a D.I.Y. EP poetically named ‘KISSES AND MEMORIES’, and a video that featured the single 'WELL MEET IN A FABLE OF OUR PAST LIVES' DEAD BY MISTAKE have proved in their year and a half of existence that they are indeed something to watch out for. Not so long ago, one of the founding members of the band, and self proclaimed manager Saša, at that time playing drums for ska outfit SEEKER’S PLANET, felt a need to start something more to his likeing, something relatively unknown in his home state. Being friends with soon to be band mates Goran and Nino, and sharing the same passion for music, not to mention the same musical taste, the tree soon started making blue-prints of what will later be known as DBM. Filling up their ranks with a drum wiz Emil and bass player Igor. In this early stages, the band went by the name DIE AGAIN and had several local shows including ones with their friends THINGS FALL APART and PILLOW PACK, and started getting the reputation of a hard working band with a slow but steady growing fan base. The next logical step was to hit the studio and record some of their ideas, they set up camp in Zagreb based REDLIGHT STUDIOS to make what is later to be known as ‘KISSES AND MEMORIES’ EP. As shows started to pile up, the tension between Igor and the others started growing and and soon the band parted ways with their bass player out of personal differences. With upcoming shows and a video shut, the band acquired the bass skills of friend and PILLOW PACK member Vedran. Not long after, two days before the band were scheduled to play their first show out of their home state, Vedran decided he wants to finish school and quits, witch leaves the band stranded. As the band played the upcoming show with THINGS FALL APART, TFA guitar player Ivan offered his limited bass skills to the band so they don’t have to cancel. The band played an awesome show and decided to keep Ivan for a while until they find another bass player (part because he wasn’t a bass player, and part that they wanted someone from their home town). As it’s hard to find a good bass player in Croatia, a one that isn’t in a band and is willing to tour, the guys were stuck with what they had and Ivan soon became a permanent member of the band. “I think our sound can be described as posthardcore / emo” says Saša, maybe you would say it’s a trend, a passing faze in music but the guys are just doing what comes out of their harts, and isn’t that what music is all about? “We like to think our songs have an edge to them that different band members produce when writing” says Ivan “it’s the DBM sound you’ll either hate or love”. "

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aus Kroatien | *2004



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