Zwei Musikerinnen aus Graz, die vor allem auf akustische Instrumente und Gesang setzen.
erste Single, auf Spotify und Co seit Dezember 2020

DeepShit ├╝ber sich

DeepShit was founded in 2018, when Lena, Sarah und Vera first showed their songs to each other and started to combine their styles. At their debut concert at Café Wolf in Graz the same year, they presented 12 songs with a great variety of moods, acoustic instruments and intimate lyrics. Their polyphony steps out as a clear statement of bonding and sensitivity. With the combination of electric guitar and classical instruments like the acoustic guitar, cello, double bass and violin, they create a unique sound and melodies that seem tragic but hopeful. After some concerts in Styria and Upper Austria, DeepShit started experimenting with electronic sounds, implemented a bass guitar and started working with beats. In their music, you can find influences from different artists, like Sophie Hunger and Laura Marling, to name two of them.
In summer 2020, Lena decided to quit the band and left some room for musings, grief but also new energy and ideas. DeepShit’s latest single “Dreaming” still represents the old band though, the beginnings and a clear songwriting style from Vera. Now, the band is in some kind of transformation state, bundling its strength to create a new version of itself.
Still, the essence of the band and why they want to proceed making music at all won’t change: being brave enough to write about vulnerable experiences, empower each other – and hopefully their audience too.


aus Graz | *2018
Sarah Nabjinsky
Vera Söll


Am Föhrengrund 11
8043 Graz