Different Fountains

Ein Österreicher und eine Venezolaner in Brüssel kombinieren aufgenommene Zivilisationsklänge mit elektronischen Popsongs.
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Different Fountains über sich

Zitat: "The Different Fountains Cover Band began as a side project. After opening a show for Devendra Banhart in Paris with a heavily improvised performance they started to transform their jammings into more sophisticated and aesthetically moving songs. The duo consisting of Bernardo Risquez (Venezuela) and Michael Langeder (Austria) moved to Brussels and rented an abandoned office building which is used as a recording and performing studio. Influenced by the ever changing sounds of civilization they rework and recycle fragments of texts, images and music to shape a new whole detached from time. They made a point of having each piece they produce as different as possible altough associations with The Cure, Sonic Youth, Tones on Tail or the more recent chillwave movement have been made. For their live performances they often work with unconventional setups using video projections, drum machines, keyboards, guitars and sampled or live voices. "Numbered and Signed" - their first EP has been released on their own (self titled) label in summer 2010 in a very limited CD-R edition..."


aus Austria / Venezuela | *2009
Michael Langeder
Bernardo Risquez




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