Ein neues Projekt des Gründers der britischen Spacerock-Band Shockhead, der jetzt in der Schweiz lebt und hier zwei Tracks präsentiert.
Slowdive ( in a sunship)
Another sampler from "Grounded"
Adrea on Vocals. The Galaxy Surfer on Bass. Cozmo on grooves.
A fuller mix that still hold true to the space groove thing!

Earthloop über sich

Zitat: "Earthloop is the new project from Shockhead and Moonloonie creator 'Cozmo' . Shockhead domminated the British Space rock scene in the early 90s, a chapter of the book 'Adrift in the Ether' is dedicated to them and the follow on project 'Moonloonies' with fellow shockhead keyboard player 'Crum' has to date produced 5 albums. Cozmo left the UK and Moonloonies in 96 to concentrate on his profi carreer as a Stage Manager for David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. Cozmo's return to the music scene comes as a refreshing look at the use of samples/loops/sequencing delicatley fused with the talented singing of Andrea Bruhin and the groove willing bass line from the Galaxy Surfer. As Simon says 'We spent the last few years building up the studio equipment and now we are ready, working in our own time with no presure from anyone, the music just started flowing and we felt it was too good to just get left as demos'. The resulting eclectic mix of space driven vocals and itchy grooves produces a lavish ambient selection of tracks. Grounded as the title of the EP says... Cozmo alias Simon Perks now lives with his wife in Switzerland."


aus Switzerland & The UK | *2003
Simon "cozmo" Perks
Andrea Bruhin
The Galaxy Surfer
& Guests


Simon & Andrea
Moonbase Records Switzerland
Unterdorfstrasse 11

+41 52 3853907

Booking international call: +41 78 800 7670

Peace to Your Home Fires
Samhuinn 2003
The Earthloop Crew


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