East Haze

Ein neues Stück eines Wiener Produzenten!
Yellow Flamingo
2023 - new material called "Yellow Flamingo", filled with guitar riffs, disco strings and the beautiful voice of a friend called Matthew (who kinda sounds like The Weeknd?)

East Haze über sich

Starting with a classical music education in Violin at young age, Andreas composed music for several different music projects including his Melodic Hardcore formation “Treated” (new album after Hiatus coming Winter 2020) or his former Deep House/Electronic project “Andy Miami” which got featured on Casual Jam Records and their platform Mr Revillz on Youtube (https://youtu.be/hImS_d0Dpn4).

With his self-titled, yet unreleased debut EP “East Haze”, Andreas goes into another, more Alternative direction with taking over the Vocals by himself, heavily influenced by Artists such as Biffy Clyro and Sam Fender. Yet he is currently working on several new tracks featuring guest Vocalists, bringing back some Funk & Chill vibes from his former projects.
The EP was mixed by Andreas himself and Will Carlson (Columbus, Ohio) who also took care of the mastering.

After stepping back from his former musical projects to focus on completing his University degree in 2019, Andreas now is working on releasing several new tracks under the name “East Haze” with the goal to combine old and new influences to an own unique sound.


aus Wien | *2020
Andreas Halla