Vier Menschen aus dem industriellen Umfeld von Schwechat machen "eine neue Art von New Rock".

elfman ├╝ber sich

Zitat: "once upon a time, in a small town, where the industrial dust came out of every mouth that was breathing and a synthetic thunder of technology blew constantly over the city, and it was beaten by the rhythm of technical progress. Daily routine took the people into a manic condition, and they began to taste, to smell, to face their irreversible COMMON SKY. A new sound, a new style of synthetic vibes and nature instuments, electronic bass grooves and melodies, deep, agressive guitar lines and expressiv vocals - Elfman was founded in summer 2000. Oliver, George and Thomas were about to record their first demo album, when the need of a dj became clearer and clearer. This finally brought saint-sferic into the band. New ways of creating sounds and arrengements became possible, which finally ended up in what elfman is today: 'a new kind of new rock'"


aus Wien/Schwechat | *2000
Varga Oliver
Kostron Georg
Koeper Bernhard


management: management@elfmanweb.com
mojopin | vor 6951 Tagen, 20 Stunden, 47 Minuten


guti guti.