fatima el kosht

Diese Trompeterin, Flötistin und Sängerin aus Argentinien studiert momentan in Linz und macht hier auch Musik.
Deja vu
Things happen and not only one time...

fatima el kosht über sich

Zitat: "Fatima El Kosht was born in Argentina. Between 1997-2001, she participated playing the flute, the trumpet or/and singing in some different projects like 'Sinsemilla', 'BuenaLaSuerte', 'Pirajica' (brasilian samba) or 'Los Monigotes de Morondanga' (latin and centroamerican music). In July 2005, with Juan Maiorano, she sang in a project called Fabulaxia (www.myspace.com/fabulaxia) what is a mix of different types of songs in english, french, spanish and portuguese. Actually she lives in Austria studying. She participates in a reggae project called Nat Maikokii in which she makes the brass arrangements, plays the trumpet and sings some of her new compositions. Other projects coming..."


aus Argentinien | *1996