Ein Wiener Musiker zwischen HipHop- und Soul-Einfl├╝ssen und mit Vorbildern wie Blood Orange oder Childish Gambino.
Guilt And Pleasure
Sultry and slow burning. Delve into the intoxicating confessions of Vienna-based musician Fleming, through latest single Guilt and Pleasure. Led by a seductive blend of electronic percussion, mixed by Grammy nominated producer ill Factor. Slinky piano keys glide against drawn-out guitars, to brood among ambient atmospheric vocal pitches. There is an undeniable sleek, professionalism present. So authoritative and impactful, we are swept off our feet.

Exploring the experience of a simultaneously playful and powerful relationship. Guilt and Pleasure mirrors its musical intensities, as exquisitely as its lyrical prowess. By style and sound, we are captivated within this rousing contemporary track. Submerging soft R&B with soulful, modern blues. Fleming exudes energy similar to the late-great Prince, with a slant in sound towards Childish Gambino or Steve Lacy.

Genre: Contemporary R&B, Electronic

Release Date: 2020

Fleming ├╝ber sich

Flicking through his brother’s CD collection after he had left home, Alex Hofbauer discovered a love for US Hip hop which led to a mind altering discovery on the other side of the Atlantic with Massive Attack’s fusion of Hip hop and electronic music.

Now based in Vienna and having produced tracks for a tight-knit collective of Soul and Hip hop artists, Alex decided to pen his own tracks. The result: a soulful reflection of society’s innate fear and anxiety.

Aligning himself sonically with artists such as Blood Orange and Childish Gambino, Fleming has arrived with grooves-a-plenty and a slow-burning instrumental strut that sits beautifully between cold piano tones and warmer, more off- kilter electronic textures.


aus Wien | *2020
Alexander Hofbauer