floating ground

Drei Songs eines Kölner Trios: Piesen Zahora, Andi Lindenau und Dr.Rhythm 'Boss DR5' and computerized friends.
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really nice floating pop song

floating ground über sich

Zitat:"the duo floating ground, consisting of piesen zahora (vocals & guitar) and andy lindenau (guitar & backings) was formed near the end of 2001. the duo brings together classic rock & pop elements with the help of modern technology (drum computer + pc), suitably arranged for live performances.
a main ingredient of the band's live concept is the extraordinary light perfomance conducted by ennelin reich.
give your ears and eyes a taste of this
visually-supported mix of rock & pop music! "

Neueste Nachricht von floating ground:

floatingground | 19.Mär.2006
'floating ground' jetzt auch auf http://fm4.orf.at/soundpark

stay tuned ;-)


aus Köln | *2001
Piesen Zahora (Voc/Git)
Andi Lindenau (Git/Backings)
Dr.Rhythm 'Boss DR5' and computerized friends


andreas lindenau:
heidtstr. 13
50354 hürth
tel.: +49 (0) 2233 - 979591
mobile: +49 (0) 173 - 1513917

piesen zahora:
cohnenhofstr. 53
50769 köln
mobile: +49 (0) 179-9705744