Francis International Airport

Zwei neue Songs vom neuen Album der fünfköpfigen Wiener Band.
The Right Ones
2013, CACHE

Francis International Airport über sich

Francis International Airport are Austria’s experts in sophisticated pop music with an alternative attitude. On their upcoming album the formally guitar driven indie sound is diminished in favour of more electronic tunes and almost majestic synthesizer themes with a slight 80s appeal – programmed and analog beats are going hand in hand. The genes of more prog-influenced guitar music à la Radiohead and The Notwist, which Francis International Airport carry, are now combined with the chromosomes of experimental Krautrock, known from the Düsseldorf circles around Kraftwerk and Neu!. This then merges with the stem cells of the great synth-pop of the 80s, so to speak the British school, in which New Order and Ultravox used to teach. What at first glance might sound incompatible soon appears to be almost compellingly logic. These five boys from Vienna reveal to be skillfull studio-geeks obsessed with all details of arrangement and production, whilst also sharing a passion for catchy tunes with melancholic ambience – cunningly utilizing the former to achieve the latter.


aus Wien | *2004
Markus Zahradnicek
David Zahradnicek
Christian Hölzel
Manuel Riegler
Georg Tran

djnue | vor 4222 Tagen, 37 Minuten
So unglaublich mitreisende Songs!
großes Lob!  
noahm | vor 5543 Tagen, 11 Stunden, 20 Minuten
Ich find Euer Album auch nach dem X-ten mal hören noch immer ziemlich schön! Alles Gute!  
sternenregen | vor 5734 Tagen, 14 Stunden, 40 Minuten
Ich warte voller Vorfreude auf euer Album! :)  
realmilchstrasse | vor 5758 Tagen, 19 Stunden, 32 Minuten
words on logs
wunderschöne nummern meine herren!
ach wär das schön, zu euer studio2 session zu kommen. aber das ist wohl nur für privilegierte :/