Friedrich Nïne

Ein Singer-Songwriter aus Wien präsentiert uns ein neues, bluesiges Lied.
All Is Well
This is a song about the so much popular saying "All is well that ends well" and its inflationary use. But just ask yourself: Is really all well that ends well?

Friedrich Nïne Ă¼ber sich

Friedrich Nïne is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Austria. Brought forward by his parents he got in touch with music quite early and started playing the piano at the age of six. Later he initially discovered the classical guitar as his second instrument, but then migrated to a steel string guitar, which he bought at the age of 16 and is still playing on. Additionally there is some mouth harp playing, which he integrated in his music.
Besides a few experiences in bands in the late 90th there never have been any public appearances, however he proceded playing and writing songs on his own - and for his own good.
Since 2012 he also focused on phonation under the guidance of his very skilful voice coach. Working on that and – amongst others – on his own songs led him to the idea making his work and passion a bit more public. Without any special requirements or expectations he now shares his music, sounds and ideas with others, hoping to grow from this experience and your feedback.


aus Wien | *2013
Fritz Schneeberger


Kreuzgasse 44/2/7, 1180 Wien