Ein Musiker aus Graz-Umgebung zeigt hier seine vielen unterschiedlichen Facetten
Tja was soll ich sagen: Aufgewärmt schmeckt nur Gulasch!
Ob man von jemandem warm gehalten wird oder in der Friendzone steckt egal mach die Person zu Gulasch!

Gabsn ├╝ber sich

Gabsn is an Artist from Austria Graz
who has created seven versions of himself to make his Music.
Who would he be, if several things in his Life would have happened in a different way?
This method allows him to see the Content of his songs from different Perspectives.
Raised in a big Family of seven children. He started to learn Guitar and Piano by himself.
He always tried to understand Complex situations and turn it into easy understandable songs
He´s not doing just one Genre. No.
He is trying to catch moments, emotions and the way how he arranges and
write his songs. It depends on what he really want to say.
Either for one song just works dialektik, English or German. Sometimes a mixture.
Maybe a song works better in a Hip Hop Style than an Austro Pop or as a Ballade instead of Rock, but he always try´s to create his own style of music.
So enjoy what he has created.
More is coming soon!


aus Eggersdorf bei Graz | *2016
Gabriel Kaziansch├╝tz