Getting up every morning

Dieser Musiker aus Berlin schreibt jeden Abend einen akustischen Song und präsentiert ihn am nächsten Morgen online. Hier einige Beispiele.
When I love again
Posted on my site: April 2nd 2007

Getting up every morning über sich

Zitat: "Getting up every morning writes one song every night – and shares this song after getting up every morning.

'There are good days and bad days. There are good songs and bad songs. Getting up every morning will be one song every day. A song I wrote throughout the night. Yes, there are good nights and bad nights, too. And many useless songs to come from that. But there will be one song every day. And I don’t feel like throwing ten in the bin to share one.'

The songs to come out of the nightly sessions are quiet and brittle, not hiding their homemade sound. Some get treated to an overdub guitar, background voices and a shy Glockenspiel. But they all remain miniature and intend to carry one simple thought, one feeling throughout the night – until it becomes a melody to express the feeling and a guitar line to help it through. Getting up every morning writes about love when it’s lost and impossible, the self-doubt that follows and the cynicism that comes with failure."

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everymorning | 1.Jun.2007
The big break…

you will hear from me again in the mid of june. i will be off to zürich, playing there with ACO. and after that, i will be in san francisco, visiting my brother, louise and eli. you will *hear* from me when i am back.

there are 93 songs online at the moment. and i am a bit confused that soon i will have made 100 songs. it didn’t feel that long and then again, it’s been a long time.

thanks for visiting. and have a good time.
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aus Berlin | *2007

viennasound | vor 5652 Tagen, 18 Stunden, 26 Minuten
da sind viele songs inkl.texte auf der homepage. sehr kreativer mensch.