Gluth & Burkhardt

Zwei DJs und Produzenten aus dem bayrisch-ƶsterreichischen Grenzland mit einem elektronischen Pop-Song von ihrer kommenden EP.
Gluth & Burkhardt - Direction Bahamas
the second tune of the forthcoming EP "Without Gravity"
do you love organ ? stick around

Gluth & Burkhardt Ć¼ber sich

inspired by all the austrobavarian experiences behind the decks on the dancefloor and driven by our obsession to music, we decided to not only bring you the hottest stuff of other great artists, but rather to present you our own production.

we didn`t care if it`s funky, house or tech,
but put together what we love - music! Located just a stone's throw away from austria, the spirit of this music scene was always present and influenced us significantly.
one love !

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lexamholz | 24.Jul.2019
the first single and title track of the forthcoming EP "Without Gravity"

lyrics and additional chords by Eve Stone
. . . . follow us to the moon.


aus Mühldorf | *2017
Alexander Gluth
Dominik Burkhardt


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