Ein europäisches Duo aus Rotterdam und Brüssel, das momentan in Wien gelandet ist und hier einen ersten Track präsentiert.

golosi über sich

Zitat: "Amedeo D. Wex was one of the three multi-instrumentalists of the legendary Dutch cultband Teheran Drive-by Orchestra (1996-2000). The band's combination of various artforms and 'on the spot' performing brought them to the main stages of the Dutch music scene such as NightTown, Rotterdam. After the band tragically split up he moved from Rotterdam to Brussels and teamed up with the Italian pianist Miss Thundy to record 'sexy evidence'. End of 2002 they both moved to Vienna where they recorded two other tracks: 'freedom is another lipstick' and 'ariel', a sampled duet with the late poet Sylvia Plath. Amedeo D. Wex is a freelance journalist. Miss Thundy is an educated political philosopher, working on EU-projects."


aus Rotterdam/Bressanone/Wien | *2002
Amedeo D. Wex
Miss Thundy