go nogo

Ein ehemaliger Vienna Scientists-Produzent versucht sich an einer zutiefst britischen Verbindung von Songwriting und der Tanzfläche.
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go nogo über sich

by 2009, markus ‚fred‘ scholl, drummer and electronic music-producer in ‚legal subs‘ (sb), decided on writing and performing solo, leaving all half-baked singstar-candidates behind, that just would not deliver. for one year, he twiddled and toyed around with his gear and started to gather sketches, which would eventually become layouts for the first songs. but markus needed a „little help from his friends“ to really get started as a singer/songwriter. he found a perfect match in heidelberg-based eric schemer, who used to be guitarist in scholl’s first touring band, walking down brenton road in 1991-1994. for their common diet on factory records, stone roses, smiths and all the fine english indie bands that followed, like my bloody valentine, ride or primal scream, they just clicked. together, the duo crafted the first go nogo-singles for their own indie-/nudisco label emerald & doreen records, which they founded with markus schneider and stefan maurer of the dj-team robot scientists in 2011. the new writing unit would also have the producer-credits for the scientists‘ first singles and remixes, such as ‚black hole‚ and ‚catch fire‚. that was at the time when scholl lived in berlin where he shortly disappeared again, after suffering from the big cities‘ eccentricities. like many others that went before him, he felt too much pressure from the buzz.
in 2013, markus moved to austria where he’s been working as a booker and promoter for the label vienna scientists in 2004-2006, but this time to upper austria’s splendid lake district, where he found solace. there, he began on writing material that was planned for a whole lp-release. it took another two years of collecting material, in which go nogo also published e.p.’s like ‚things ain’t right‚ and ‚new folks‚ plus several remixes for label-mates ummagma or keen house, among several others. next to that venture, ED&-labelhead eric compiled three albums worth of material which would become the ‚emerald dreams‘-compilation i-iii. in 2015, scholl more than ever looked for a companion to perform the songs, he had gathered for lp-release in a live-situation. luck fell into it’s place when he met manfred führling, a dedicated gear-mad tech house producer, who was at that time totally out of the music-making. Lacking the inspiration from his musical roots, he skeptically approached the possibility to team-up with someone from a totally different musical world. but what happened with the old and recent material was a mutual source of enjoyment after manfred laid his hands on in his studio. the new chapter of go nogo reads a much edgier, electronically-beefed up sound, which has been provided by the new member. this can already be witnessed by listening to the first single ’no reply/cruel‘, which showcases the vocal contribution of actor christina reichsthaler, who has already sung on the ’new folks‘ e.p.
The new found collaboration of Manfred Führling and Fred Scholl has resulted in the first LP, which they produced between 2016 and the beginning of 2017. "Main Course" brings together al the sounds which have defined go nogo's very own style, plus there is some undertones of experimentation, that eventually incorporates a psychedelic twist.

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staroftheshow | 18.Apr.2017
Debüt LP "Main Course" erscheint am 26.05. 2017 digital über Emrald & Doreen Records (EDR666) und als limitierte LP in violet-durchsichtigem Vinyl und Gatefold-Coverartwork. Zu bestellen über www.gonogo.co.at


aus Linz | *2011
Markus 'Fred' Scholl
Eric Schemer
Manfred Führling


Markus Scholl
Simon-Redtenbacher-Platz 6/4
4560 Kirchdorf an der Krems