Elektronische Sounds von einem Soloproduzenten aus Klagenfurt.
2013, Teaser

Gorestig über sich

Gorestig is a one man project which was founded around 2000. The man behind the project is from the beautiful south of Austria and is influenced by artists from different genres. These varying influences are the reason for the unique sound of Gorestig.
Back in 2000 the first demo was released before Gorestig was forced into a creative break because of work related changes. In the last years the project itself was reactivated and the search began for new equipment and the necessary software to make it all happen they way it was meant to be.
At the moment new songs are in the works and a release is planned for 2014.

Neueste Nachricht von Gorestig:

gorenix | 16.Jän.2014
Even though it may seem like nothing is happening with Gorestig right now, there is a lot going on behind the curtains.

New soft- and hardware is put to the test, there are new sounds and song fragments almost every day, but it is not enough. Everyone is his own worst enemy - Gorestig is no exception. This high exspecations, plans and own standards are the reasons for the delay.

Music is not supposed to be produced on a production line, so please be patient. As of now there will be no new deadline set up, because there is a good chance it won‘t be final. So just follow on facebook or the homepage and you will be immediately informed if there is something new.


aus Klagenfurt | *2000
Gore Nix