Grandfather Alps

Eine dreiköpfige Band aus Neuseeland hat ihren Weg in den Soundpark gefunden.
Grandfather Alps EP, 2012, indie-rock

Grandfather Alps über sich

Grandfather Alps is a three-piece indie alt/pop band formed in a garden shed in Dunedin. Since August 2010, Grandfather Alps are Ryan (vocals, guitars, keyboard) Chris (drums, vocals) and Pania (bass, vocals). Though the members are few, the sound is often larger than the sum of its parts. This may be due in part to the different stylistic influences present in the band, ranging from Radioheadesque melodies, to the rhythmic grooves of James Jamerson, along with undertones of The National and Sigur Ros. The music illustrates the thoughts and feelings on life and love, and the meaning of both. Often emotive, the songs contain stories of things held dear to a person, such as a partner or a friend. They explore the gains and losses in relationships, and the ebb and flow of human emotions as one evolves through life. These themes are sometimes laid bare in Ryan's lyrics, yet there are times when they are more discreet and thought provoking, which is more than likely a reflection of his personality. While the songwriting rests with Ryan, the portrayal of the writing becomes shared in the personal tastes of everyone. Their mission with their music is to relate it to others that may share in it.


aus New Zealand | *2011
Ryan Caldwell - Lead Vocals
Chris Butchard - Drums
Pania Simmons - Bass

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