grey noise

Drei Musiker aus Wien bringen Grunge, Punk, schwebende Melodien und hüpfende Rhythmen zusammen.
modest girl
dont turn your back on her

grey noise über sich

Zitat: "rockstar and drummer zhubi and singer armin started up playing together just for fun some years ago when they both still attended school, first with armin on the bass guitar, then on the e-guitar. following several strange guys they played with, they found paul, a perfect bass rocker and fulltime funny dude.
they've finished school in 2006 what gave them even more time to occupy their lives with their music, and finally they managed to move their lazy butts up a stage, which ended up as a great success rocking the "vienna-unplugged" on december 16th.
their music seems to appear as a mashup of grunge, punk, apathic floating melodies, and smashing jump-along-rythms, often enriched by ironic and confusing lyrics, what finally takes listeners apart into deep, grey noise.
now they're about to conquer the world with their music, so simply dive into the sound and let yourself be carried away by grey noise."

Neueste Nachricht von grey noise:

derliebebubvonnebenan | 19.Feb.2007
hi everybody,
just in time with the release of our new demo we seem to appear online on the "fm4-soundpark". 4 fresh tracks are waiting to contact your ears and dive into your brain to change your whole perception. though recorded at a non-professional studio, several critics seem to like our stuff.
so don't get behind and listen to it!!
//grey noise


aus wien | *2006
mario zhuber - drums
paul mezgolits - bass
armin zechmeister - git/vox


t.: +43 650 777 1650