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Zwei Schweizer und zwei Briten mit Wurzeln in Venezuela trafen in Paris aufneinander und kombinieren polyglott Beastie Boys, AC/DC, Funkadelic und Fela Kuti.
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Zitat: "Pop is a science which adjusts the chemistry between musicians and connects the familiarities of blood and spirit. With their multi-instrumental skills, Gush consider themselves as four MCs, rather than identifying themselves with traditional roles, letting the music do the talking.

That the group is composed of two brothers of Swiss origin, Xavier (bass, vocals) and Vincent (drums, vocals), and two cousins, British born Yan (guitar, vocals) and Mathieu (guitar / keyboards, vocals), of Venezuelan descent further cements the fraternal link within the band.

Gush is a closely knit family, the kind of band who stand out as a true rarity and whose special nature is immediately recognised. The cousins in the Beach Boys were so, as were the imaginary brothers in the Ramones, a brotherhood of individuals who were instantly identifiable. Just as with the bands they readily identify themselves with, Gush have a look, a vibe, an instantly recognisable, distinctive attitude.

This influence, both in their vocal harmonies and in their musical tastes, which through the ages has spanned the search of perfect pop as well as the power of dance: from the Beatles to the Beastie Boys, Funkadelic to AC / DC, Fela to Beck, demonstrates their belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and is in tune with the public.

Their scenic benefits, such as their gig at "La Boule Noire" in Paris in February 2008, packed to the brim, illuminated most of their fellow Parisians and Provincial scenes (as backing band of Adanowsky or opening for Rose) and London for a handful of dates in 2006. Their gigs are testament to the fever that captures the band and the public when they come into contact.

Their titles are slogans, almost hedonistic manifestos: "Dance On", stage hit, "Amazing" as their first EP in 2005, "Rocking For My Children", the second EP in 2007, and soon the album they are currently recording for release in 2009.

If the future is about tribal beats and savoury melodies, sending shivers down your spine and unleashing embraces , it belongs to those pop scientists that are Gush."

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gush | 14.Feb.2009
hi there!


aus Paris | *2005
Xavier Polycarpe
Vincent Polycarpe
Yann Gorodevsky
Matthieu Parnaud

transhuman | vor 5465 Tagen, 23 Stunden, 12 Minuten
Diese Stimme find ich hammermässig super geil!!!