Hex Madroom

Ein Produzenten-Kollektiv aus Wien mit einem neuen Dubstep-Tune. Update!
Electronic Surveillance (Original Mix)
a new dubstep track concerning the subject matter of Electronic Surveillance.

cover image: http://i.imgur.com/yEmVb6T.jpg

free download: https://soundcloud.com/hex-madroom/electronic-surveillance

Hex Madroom ├╝ber sich

everything is propaganda.

advertising. movies. newspapers. video games. car license plate frames.

these tracks are propaganda.
propaganda turned against itself.

the objective is to get you to think for yourself.

Hex Madroom doesn't seek fame or fortune, but wants to entertain while simultaneously raising awareness and confronting people with important aspects of the deeply pathological and sick society we all live in.


aus Vienna | *201X


you'll find it if you need it.
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