Songs zwischen Melancholie und kraftvoller Aggressivität sind das Markenzeichen dieser vier Herren aus dem nördlichen München.
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Single vom aktuellen Album 'All We Had'.
VOe 02/10/2015

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Homeslice were founded in Munich, Germany in 1996 to play Indie /Alternative Rock. They recorded their first professionally produced eP with Mario Thaler at his legendary Uphon Studios where the greats of the German indie scene (The Notwist, Slut etc.) developed their unique sound. Homeslice’s first fulllenght lP, What is Wrong With You, was co produced by another icon of German alternative music Blackmail’s Kurt ebelhäuser in 2005. The album was released on Consolidate Records (Rough Trade) and the band went on to play a large number of gigs to gain the recognition of the national music press. Homeslice never split up officially, but somehow stopped before a second album could be released.
Now, 10 years later, Homeslice are back with what should have been this second album. The songs on “All We Had” were rediscovered, dusted off, partly re recorded, re mixed and mastered and are now out on all major music platforms to be enjoyed by those who remember the band and those who never heard of Homeslice before.


aus München (D) | *1996
Bernhard Wagner
Sebastian Eiden
Christopher Czarnetzki
Thomas Angermeier-Scharl

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