Human Shout

Zehn Jahre nach ihrem ersten Release veröffentlichen diese drei jungen Musiker aus Wien und Kärnten demnächst ihr Debütalbum.
Counting from Ten
VÖ:7.4.2014 | SISSI Records

Human Shout über sich

Human Shout was formed back in 2003. Singer Adrian and Drummer Michael had already been making music as a two-piece covering 90s Grunge bands, as they met Axl while playing streetball. Axl just left a band and Adrian, who recently quit another music collective, felt like they had something in common. Soon they started out as a three piece band, naming themselves Human Shout.
After making their first record in 2004, a self-titled EP between melancholic pop and grunge, the band began playing live, starting at notorious Club Flex as one of the youngest bands ever booked to play there. At that time, the boys, age thirteen to fourteen, became known in Vienna's underground indie scene for their raw performances with a rough sound, ready to collapse within any minute. With their following release of the EP "Haunted Hearts" the band reached a wider audience, as the record acquired vogue on some radio stations. The EP's first single was ranked in the Austrian Indie Charts and German VISIONS Magazine predicted the emerging band a bright future. Human Shout started playing some festivals like Radio FM4's Frequency Festival (Red Bull Stage) and played their first sold out support-show at WUK Vienna's Main Hall. In 2009 Human Shout presented a stand-alone single titled "Mondays" after which London based trio "White Lies" and their management invited the band to open for them twice. After that Human Shout came to the decision of leaving the stage for a while to focus on making a debut album.
In the summer of 2010, Adrian, Axl and Michael rented a decayed farm- house on Austria's countryside and fixed it up with the friendly help of set designer Reinhard Taurer to be the home of the album's pre-production. For three months the band and their producer Marian André experimented on the songs searching for the right sound. Always going back and reducing, they tried to balance between Human Shout's genuine plain and raw sound and a direct emotional approach. In 2011 the group started record- ing the album in the studio of "Naked Lunch" bass player Herwig Zamernik in Klagenfurt. Soon the production moved to Vienna after the song "Water" was written and recorded in a night session. After over three years in the making, the album was mastered in 2013 and will be released in 2014.


aus Wien/Kärnten | *2004
Adrian Herk
Axl Truschner
Michael Krapesch


Human Shout empfiehlt:


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Counting from Ten
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