hyne & the fish

Musik, die von einem Schiffsunglück bei Grönland überblieb.
an extremely nice song, lyrics for experts only

hyne & the fish über sich

Zitat: "After a critically acclaimed tour through Greenland, culminating in the ill-fated final concert in Uummannaq the band embarked on what was to be its final journey. Three days after the Endurance had left, a garbled radio message was received, that to this day remains a great mystery.

Some say that this message should be regarded as circumstantial evidence proving the existence of the fabled sea-monster 'Octalus'.

Some say that one band member had decided on playing one last practical joke when realizing that all calls for help were effectively too late, and that the Endurance had merely rammed an iceberg (you can judge for yourself - a recording of this mysterious communication is contained on the CD). In any event, the Endurance never arrived at its destination and was declared lost 4 weeks after it had left Uummannaq.

Fact is that an Eskimo walrus hunting party discovered a number of remains from the skipper, which had been washed ashore near Qaqortoq in the summer of '03. Among them was a master tape containing the songs that had been recorded aboard the Endurance in happier times.

Luckily the tape had been encased in a plastic container, and remained largely undamaged. The contents of this tape have been faithfully restored and digitized by the 'hl25records' label in order to make the band's work available to posterity."

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hl25 | 8.Okt.2008
hi there

check out the fish site, listen to the sound bites, see the video and buy a cd if you wish...

cheers hl25


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