Diese Sängerin und Songwriterin aus Sopron in Ungarn hat mit Einflüssen zwischen Folklore-Musik und Gospel einen elektronischen Pop-Song aufgenommen.
Release date: April 13, 2021

Imola über sich

Imola is a singer, songwriter, session vocalist from Sopron, Hungary.

After a several years of singing in various bands (Local Vintage Company, Sopron Gospel, Four Corners) and collaborating/co-writing with different musicians and producers, she felt it was about time to start her own musical journey.

Her influences in music are based on her classical music studies, Hungarian folk songs, and the uplifting choral sounds of gospel and soul music. She also finds inspiration in forward-looking contemporary world and pop musicians, such as Jacob Collier, Becca Stevens or Snarky Puppy.

Her debut single ’Secret’, which was written and recorded during the 2020 lockdown, is the first step towards a self-reflecting, collaborative collection of songs which reveals Imola’s musical universe.


aus Sopron | *2020
Music and Lyrics: Imola Vida-Veres

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