Elektronisch angereicherte Popsongs von drei Musikerinnen aus Wien.
How is the air
EP drylake erschienen Herbst 2012

iNANA ├╝ber sich

iNANA is a young viennese singer and composer, she released her first single and videoclip in April 2012. Her EP called “Drylake” includes 5 original tracks and was released in November 2012. Since then she has been working on her debut album and has also released a music video and several live videos.
As all her first songs were only electronic, she recently started to add live instruments to her music. The two young musicians, Helene and Cathi, have proven to be the two ideal partners for that. Now they are a “Girl Band” defining their musical style as “electronically influenced Artpop”.
iNANA’s aim for the project is not only to express herself vocally and musically, but also visually. She’s currently working on various video-projects and trying to visualise her music in a live context as well. iNANA is working together with different filmmakers, visual artists and writers, as she aims to combine different art forms.

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inana | 29.Dez.2013
hey there, thanks for dropping by and listening to my songs!


aus Vienna | *2012
iNANA - vocals/flute/keys/electronics
Helene - e-bass
Cathi - drums/e-pad


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viennasound | vor 3442 Tagen, 10 Stunden, 41 Minuten
How is the air
ist aus Grund der Besetzung sehr minimalistisch, der Vokalpart dominiert. Aber - und das ist das Wichtigste - es ist ein eigener Weg, eigener Sound. Die Videos finde ich sehr kreativ, da wird viel experimentiert.